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Hawthorne Nursing - We make finding nurse talent easy.

About Hawthorne Nursing

Hawthorne is a mission- driven organization

Hawthorne is passionate about enabling the best care for our communities through augmentation of highly-skilled international nursing talent. 

Care Access for Rural Communities

Many nurse staffing organizations focus on larger metro regions for volume. Not us. We all grew up in rural communities and understand the needs.

Support for Rural Care Providers

Rural environments struggle to attract and retain nursing talent. When talent attrition occurs, there is often no easy way to backfill or replace valuable nursing positions.

Services & Solutions

The critical nursing shortage in the United States can potentially be alleviated through the recruitment of international talent from Puerto Rico, Kenya, and India through Hawthorne, an international nurse staffing company.

Hawthorne is focusing its resources to address the nursing shortage in rural communities and smaller, private practice medical facilities.

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